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Like the Gulf of Mexico in her backyard, young Lucy often appears bright and steady. But when her sister drowns on her watch, the riptides of the glossy Gulf lodge in her chest, surging in storms of panic attacks and receding in the darkness of depression and attempted suicide. With only her eccentric father and distant mother left, Lucy clings to Audra, whose friendship and family mean warmth, rich Southern food, and shelter from the abuse Lucy hesitates to recognize.


But just when Lucy needs them most, Audra’s restless father uproots their family to a different state, the next in a growing list of places that Audra can’t ever call home. As the two girls struggle into womanhood, Lucy determines to quell the storm inside her, even if it means shutting herself off from the rest of the world—including Audra. But what would Audra’s life look like without her troubled friend? Can either afford to lose the other? 

Praise for Below Them the Horizon

"At once an enchanting portrait of an enduring friendship between two young women and an authentic depiction of mental illness, Below Them the Horizon is captivating and poignant. This memorable debut novel from the gifted and perceptive Laura Allnutt illuminates the courage required to live with grace when the mind darkens. And it tenders a unique hope—the abiding love of a true friend—that ultimately keeps one aloft in the light."

Kim Dana Kupperman, author of The Last of Her

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I'm a writer, editor, educator, and vegan foodie from Cincinnati, with an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University. My publications include “Standing in the Doorway” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: the Power of Yes, “Falling Stars” in Long Island Literary Journal, and “On the Observation Desk” in Lost River Literary Magazine. My novel Below Them the Horizon was published by Woodhall Press September 1, 2020.


In 2018, I launched the blog, which features posts to help those battling mental illness.


I live with my dachshund, Dudley, and fellow writer Sarah Eshleman. 



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